Legacy Trust Policies

Thank you for your interest in Legacy Trust, the charitable trust responsible for distributing the profits from Legacy Funerals. Funding to community groups has now reached over $3,100,000 since Legacy Funerals was gifted to the community by Greg Brownless late in 2007.  If you plan on making an application to the Trust, please familiarise yourself with the funding scope below, so you can apply knowing you comply with our criteria.

Funding Scope

We do not fund salaries, wages, rents or travel.

Please note that funds are only available for established projects which are current and have been implemented i.e. they are not available for project concept development, market research or to validate a concept/idea.

We will consider funding secondary schools in our area for scholarship and school productions. We regret that we are no longer able to fund schools at the preschool, primary or intermediate level but this may change as our our support grows.

Funding Levels

There is no upper or lower limit of funding - instead each gift is determined by need and the availability of funds to distribute.

​Funding Requirements

Legacy appreciates recognition of the gifting we make, not because we seek thanks, but because of the importance of spreading the word about Legacy Funerals and the difference it makes to our community. Legacy and the funds it distributes are totally reliant on people choosing our funeral services.

  • If appropriate our administrator will contact you about possible media acknowledgement
  • If appropriate we have Legacy Trust banners to have at an event or show.

    Note from the Trustees

    We gratefully acknowledge every family who has chosen Legacy Funerals to make their arrangements. Our support for the community is totally reliant on your support. Without this, we could not create lasting legacies for you and your loved ones. It is your choice that allows us to make this community a better place.

    Bill Holland and Greg Brownless