In a time of crisis be gentle with yourself.

Grief support.

An extra shoulder to lean on with our complimentary bereavement care.

Grief can manifest itself in ways that aren’t always obvious like nausea, energy loss, headaches, appetite changes, tenseness and restlessness. While no one can truly understand the unique hurt that you may be feeling, we are always here to listen.

Grief support.

As part of our service, we offer you and your family complementary bereavement care after the funeral. This service is offered on our behalf by the Grief Centre, a specialist provider of grief and loss. In the weeks following the funeral, the Grief Centre Bereavement Support Team will make contact with you to see what assistance you may require.

They can help with;
- providing an opportunity to talk to a caring support person about your experiences in a safe and relaxed environment
- Reading material or other resources
- Support groups or professional counselling if required.

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