Embalming and Viewing

Embalming is a service we provide to ensure that family and friends will have a safe and positive experience when viewing their loved one. The embalming is carried out by qualified embalmers, or supervised by a member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association and in accordance with their code of ethics. Family and friends can be guaranteed that at all times their loved ones will be treated with the upmost respect and dignity.

Why is Embalming Important?

There are three reasons for embalming:

1) Presentation: embalming allows us to apply cosmetics and carry out restorative work on their body if necessary, to help create a positive memory for family and friends viewing their loved ones.
2) Sanitistion: the body is totally disinfected which renders micro organisms harmless. This allows family and friends to view and touch the body without risk to their health.
3) Preservation: all tissue is preserved which slows down the natural decomposition of the body. The preservation can be adjusted in each individual case to allow for short, medium and long term preservation. 

​​Why is Viewing Important?​

Viewing is a vital part of the grieving process that can help friends and family accept that the death has occurred. Through the embalming process your loved one will be preserved and presented in a positive manner. We understand that a viewing may be difficult for some friends and family and therefore various options , such as having a private viewing, are available. Those who wish to see the body and say goodbye are able to do so while respecting the personal choices of others who are not comfortable with this.