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Legacy Glade – Tree Planting

Every year the Legacy Trust organises memorial planting days for client families who have been in the care of Legacy Funerals. 

The objective of the day is for families to plant a native tree in an area of Tauranga’s Kopurererua Valley, which has been formally adopted by the Legacy Trust for this purpose. All the trees have been chosen specifically for the environment, and they are all purchased and gifted by the Legacy Trust, so there is no cost to families.

Each planting day begins with a blessing and concludes when families have finished their own planting. 

Families have found the tree planting day to be a very important part of their grieving and healing process.  One family recently noted that, by planting the tree, they felt they were connecting with their loved one here on this earth; with the glade representing a legacy for their loved one.  They said the glade therefore represented a reflective place to stop and think about their loved one.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the planting day

Can I put trinkets on the tree I plant?

It is important that families see the entire Legacy Glade as a memorial area, rather than becoming attached to a specific tree as this can lead to distress if the tree does not survive for any reason. As such, we ask families to refrain from putting trinkets or personal items on the tree they plant, as these can be removed or fall off etc, and this can cause unnecessary distress should this happen.

Who is responsible for the ongoing care of the trees planted in the Legacy Glade? 

As the Legacy Glade is part of Council land, the Tauranga City Council takes care of any plant maintenance in this area. Please note that after time the planted trees will become surrounded by long grasses and non noxious plants. These grasses provide suitable moisture retention which helps with the health of the trees. The reserve is known as a good flood plain, and the wetter the better for the growth of the trees and plants in the Glade. The plants chosen for this area thrive in these conditions.

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