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Our Story

The unique thing about Legacy Funeral is that we are owned by a charitable trust, meaning that all of the profits go back to the community.  Here is the story of how we came to be:

In 2007, Tauranga identity Gregory Brownless - then owner of Woodhill and Tauranga Park Funeral Homes, made a decision that would change his life and the lives of others in the community around him. 

Driven by a longstanding desire to give something back to the people who had given him so much, and convinced that there were others who wanted to make a similar lasting gesture, Greg decided to literally give his business to the community. And so, Legacy Funerals and the Legacy Trust were created.

Greg Brownless, left, pictured with Kevin Wearne from the Legacy Trust, accepting $1 in exchange for his 1.2 million dollar business.

Purpose of the Trust

Legacy Trust is a registered charitable trust and the owner of Legacy Funerals and other funeral business interests. The Trust is responsible for the management of the business operations and the annual distribution of all profits from the business for the good of the local community. Each year, the Trust will make a full disclosure of fund distribution via this website and local newspapers.  You can read more about the Trust by clicking here.

The significance of the Pohutukawa Tree in our logo

The Pohutukawa Tree features in our logo to symbolise a legacy and also to represent a significant annual event at Legacy Funerals. Every year, prior to Christmas, a service of remembrance is held at Tauranga Park. Those who attend are invited to write a memorial note for their loved one which is then placed in the ground beside our Pohutukawa Tree as a gesture of remembrance.

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