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Legacy Funerals has a range of caskets on offer, made of a variety of timber, plus we have a selection of environmentally-friendly caskets available.

Solid timber caskets are made of Macrocarpa, Pine, Oak, and Rimu (the most popular casket option). These are the most environmentally friendly options.

We also have a range of veneer options that are finished in a Rimu, Mahogany, or Rosewood look.

There is also the opportunity to paint and personalise a casket.

Our Range

Archetype Pine Casket

Archetype Pine


Archetype Rimu Casket

Archetype Rimu


Macrocarpa Casket

Redford Oiled Macrocarpa


Pure and Simple Casket

Pure and Simple


Recycled Native Casket

Recycled Native Timber


Richmond Mahogany Casket

Richmond Mahogany


Richmond Rimu Casket

Richmond Rimu


Richmond Rosewood Casket

Richmond Rosewood


Richmond White Casket

Richmond White


Serenity Teak

Serenity Teak


Status Mahogany Casket

Status Mahogany


Status Rimu Casket

Status Rimu


Status Rosewood Casket

Status Rosewood


Westminster Oak Casket

Westminster Oak


Wicker Casket

Willow Teardrop

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